“The idea came up among some peers as soon as we saw the possibility of running this kind of project here in Palencia. Our goal was to build a professional orchestra leaning on local musicians as well as on people with some knowledge about the building-process of an orchestra from the basis who could actually help us grow along the way. We may be young musicians but that has not keep us from studying in some of the best-known Superior Conservatories here in Spain, as well as in some other countries such as Austria, Italy, Germany, Holland... Yet most of us are experienced in playing for some of the best, both professional and amateur, orchestras in Spain, and in Europe. We wanted this project to be based upon the qualification of our musicians and so give them the chance of proving their skills in this harsh professional world.

No matter how young we seem to be, we are professionals; being young does not prove otherwise. We lack experience but we are good enough so as to give Palencia an orchestra to be proud of.”

Orchestra City of Palencia


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